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Concept Art

Before I model a character or creature in 3D, I make some concept art drawings to become aware of all it's features. Like this Baby dragon "Drazan"

Photo-realistic Art

From real photo's I like to create photo-realistic drawings. And I try to get as close to a black and white photo quality, using several hard + soft pencils.

W.I.P. Projects

These are my "Work in Process" Projects, for all my Art disciplines.

2D Graphics

Sometimes, I scan a drawing of mine, and start to color it in Photoshop like a Digital Airbrush.

3D Graphics

This is a 3D learning project I made at the SAE Institute in Amsterdam (2007)

3D Animation

My Biggest Passion is to make animations, like here with Umi the Elf and Dorc the Orc. To bring life into my characters/creatures.

VFX video

It's great to combine life footage with animation and Visual Effects

Old School

From 1998 till 2000, I've learned Airbrush at the "Kunst schule für Airbrush Design" in Germany

Welcome to the World of Art Studio Alphonso...

Hello There,

How nice of you to visit my Art Website. Here you will find several disciplines of Art that I like to make/create. Mainly, I am a Digital Artist.
But drawing with traditional pencils is still important because, drawing is the base of all Art...!
And drawing for Photo realistic art & creating concept art, is what I use for 3D modeling of people or creatures.
When it comes to 2D Art, I scan some drawings to colored it in Photoshop like a digital Airbrush.

By the way, I'm getting a bit hooked to ZBrush, now I know the software better and better. Sculpting, texturing and coloring 3D models for 3D graphics and Animation in Maya 2013.
What I "see" in my Mind... I create with my Hands.. ;-) Why? Because I got so much "Idea's/creatures" banging with their hands on the inside my skull, screaming to get out.

Feel free to look around, Fonz

New Updates:

28-11-2013 - Uploaded the Orthographic drawings of Umi (new version)
Click Here: Concept-art


Latest Projects@ Art Studio Alphonso

April 13, 20131 year ago

The Making of Dorc – Part II

Finally, I started to continue with the body of Dorc the Orc.
After some consideration, I decided to give Dorc (and Umi) also a rigged body. In the second Umi animation, where he will have a conversation with Dorc, both characters will have their upper body as well.
Read more
July 15, 20122 years ago

Concept Art Training 01

On the internet, I have seen so many Digital artists who draw directly onto their computer using a wacom drawing tablet. And no longer do it the traditional way by drawing on paper first and scan it later to make it digitally. So, when it comes to concept art for my animations, I decided to learn this skill too. Read more
June 30, 20122 years ago

The Making of Dorc - Part I

When you are familiar with Fantasy as in "Lord of the Rings", then you will know that Orcs and Elfs don't like each-other to much. To spice up my second animation, I thought it would be nice to have a little chit-chat between Umi the Elf with Dorc the Orc. Like most Elf's Umi is delicately built, in contrast with Dorc, who looks like a overgrown green bully. Read more
June 30, 20122 years ago

The Making of ManDrake

ManDrake will B one of the main Characters of a short 3D animations called: DRAGON-WINGS. He's the biggest enemy of Urmando the Elfling in a land far far away called Amoricia. I started with this idea already on 2007, when I was still studying 3D animation at the SAE Institute in Amsterdam. Read more
June 24, 20122 years ago

Umi the Little Elf

When I was creating my first pro 3D animation with Umi the little Elf, it was a stiff learning process. During the whole process, I ran into several problems I had to solve with: rigging, animating, synchronizing audio/video etc. etc But, I wanted to get my first animation done, and here he is. To think up Umi was not so difficult, the technical part in several software programs was another story. Read more
June 24, 20122 years ago

Eowah Elf Princess

This is a finished "Work In Progress" (W.I.P.) Project of a drawing I did in 2006. When I was at the Elf Fantasy Fair in the Netherlands, I met a very beautiful photo jenique girl. It was no problem that I took her picture, because I made a lot of pictures of all the Fantasy people/creatures roaming around the estate of castle "De Haar". Read more